Our client is always at the center!

Customers service

A technical team assists and supports the Customers worldwide by offering training sessions focused on the production start-up and supply of spare parts with the aim to improve continuously the productionto continuously improve efficiency and quality.


TANG DYNASTY MOULD plans intensive training courses that help the communication and reduce the technical interventions. Also, TANG DYNASTY MOULD simplifies the technical requirements with the coding of the spare and wear parts available for all the differents typologies of mould present in the market.


TANG DYNASTY MOULD ensures: one year warranty for all new

manufactured moulds, one year warranty for spare parts replacements, mould life time performances, mould life time warranty for spare parts supply, planned mould maintenance service and local assistance.

Tang Dynasty Mould Quality


TANG DYNASTY MOULD has a skilled Engineering Department composed of engineers with tried experience and competence who assist the Customer in the choice of design, materials and in the structural evaluation of both final plastic items and moulds.


A team of designers and stylists cooperate with the Customer to define the outer style of new product lines, proposing different solutions in order to fulfill completely the requirements.


Applying the state of the art IT processes, software and applications, TANG DYNASTY MOULD supplies the Customer with the drawings of the final plastic products, both rendered 2D and 3D, as well as with physical model, so to fulfill the requirements with the utmost accuracy. Advanced CAD-FEM systems are the flagship of the technical office, that permit to study carefully the physicalmechanical properties of the products and guarantee fixed targets as morphologic and structural characteristics. Finally in CAD workstation the programming of CNC machines takes place.


TANG DYNASTY MOULD carries out the preliminary test of the moulds in it facilities, where the customer is invited to participate in the first phases of the setting up. This close cooperation with the customer at the set up stage gives also the advantage to offer a basic training that is integrated with the supply of a complete and detailed user’s manual. The customer, that TANG DYNASTY MOULD likes to consider a close and effective partner throughout the development of the project, has the opportunity to directly verify at any time the work in progress of his supply.


TANG DYNASTY MOULD can also supply the customer with a preliminary production of pilot moulds. The planning stage of the moulds is focused on the smallest details and on the choice of the most suitable materials, in order to reach the best performance and assure the highest reliability.


TANG DYNASTY MOULD offers a special software simulation (like Mould Flow) to reach the optimal part weight and cycle time reduction and a quick prototyping of parts through the use of a dedicated one-cavity pilot mould, so the enable the Customer a real, operational and functional evaluation of its target part before starting the final mould manufacturing phase.